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    Browsing is gradually taking time away from desktop usage, ensuring our websites are all mobile-optimized becomes even more important.

    Anyway, what does that mean exactly? Just make sure that your website is viewable on a much smaller screen, right?

    Not exactly! As you are dealing with a reduced space on mobile phones and tablets, it is significant to leave out some things so that the information a mobile visitor is searching for is easily given. A mobile visitor’s interests are much more straightforward than a desktop user’s, it is important to concentrate on the content and information you know they are searching for.

    How to Use Responsive Web Design

    When creating a responsive web design company in Dubai, there are two approaches you can effectively implement for improved user experience:

    1. Optimize the Layout of Your Content

    When accessing a website on a mobile device, not only is the screen 60-80% narrower, but it also makes it very tough for users to browse your website effectively as no one can read a very small text when you have a website that just decreases to the resolution of each type of device. Another great way to use mobile responsive web design successfully is to enhance the layout of your content.

    Give your mobile reader a much better experience

    • Move other items around
    • Make some of the important sections larger
    • Using fewer columns around the web

    2. Adapting Your Content

    Visitors are not as anxious about the design as they are about the information you offer them when visiting your website on a smartphone.

    Be sure to comprise the most important basics your users will want to see when creating a mobile responsive site, in a way that is simple to navigate.

    A user who visits your site from a desktop computer will be searching for different items than when browsing your site on a mobile phone. You want to be able to build different user experiences while keeping the identity of your business.

    Mobile Responsive Web Design: The Future of  a Web Design

    The goal of a mobile responsive web design company is to automatically deliver your users the content they want to via various mobile devices.

    Technology is probably 75% of our lives, you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone on their phone mobile device. We are continuously on the move, therefore, we want better information and interest.

    Technology affects our lives tremendously. Due to this effect, a web design company in Dubai need to design and develop clients’ websites and adjust their website for mobile and develop mobile responsive websites. By building a responsive site, you will be removing the need for many versions of your site, or expensive application development and maintenance.

    Changing Your Thinking

    You can’t just jump into creating a mobile responsive website.

    You need to change your thinking while creating this sort of web site. You have to design for a mobile device, think in your visitor’s mindset. As someone with a smaller screen, you want faster information. This means cutting the weight and obtaining the most important information out there faster and in an easy navigation way.

    User Experience

    Not only do you want to create a site that is practical and holds over your brand image, but you also want to understand the users’ experience.

    Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Did I think about how people will be using their mobile devices on my website?
    2. Did I highlight my content rather than visuals or navigation?
    3. Did I have appropriate exploratory and pivoting options?
    4. Did my design and content keep the focus and clarity?

    When you answer these questions, you’ll have a better understanding of why users would be visiting your site on mobile and what kind of content they would be interested in.


    Just because visitors are going on mobile to your website, that doesn’t mean you can’t build a great user experience. User experience is a key when designing your site for mobile, nobody visits your site if they can’t find what they’re looking for. It is all about performance. Give your users the quick and easy information they are searching for.

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