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Car is no longer a luxury item, as it has become a necessity. There are endless models of cars in the market. The people buy these cars after surveying the market. The model which fits best in their budget and satisfies their need is purchased by them. This necessity is available in various models and prices. Every car after the purchase needs attention and regular care. It is said that a car is a nonliving thing still needs a regular check-up. The more expensive the car is more is its maintenance cost. The car should be looked after by the owner regularly. The car needs to be daily washed and dried. Man is very busy nowadays and so he wishes that the car he owns should be taken for service from the doorsteps of his house. The car needs regular clean-ups, waxing, checking of all the parts of the machine. The brakes, fuel pumps, engine, headlights, the battery should be checked by the servicing team regularly. Care and attention would enhance the life of the machine which is used by humans daily.

India being a country where the roads are bumpy and laden with dirt and grime makes the person who owns a car pays more attention to its washing and waxing. Harsh sun, rain, snow and even the droppings of birds are the enemies of the car. The car needs to be washed regularly before applying wax to the car. The wax on the car gives it a shiny and good look. It is a dream of every owner that his car remains sparkling and glistening every time. Car wax is a protector that adds an extra layer of protection to the car. The main aim of this wax is to keep the paint on the car intact. The paint lasts longer after the wax layer is applied to the car. This wax also protects the car from harmful ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays tend to have a fading effect on the car. This makes the car look dull and faded. The wax layer protects the car from these harmful rays. The wax helps the car to be protected from anything that lands on it which is corrosive. The droppings of birds are also corrosive as they are a huge threat to the paint coat on the car. The wax layer protects the car from this corrosive action too. The water-resistant coating of wax is different from the wax applied by hand. The wax applied hand removes even the tiny scratches in a car.

The car should be washed before applying wax. The dirt resting on a car should be washed with mild soap and water. The car should be washed under a shade and dried before applying wax. The necessary things to be kept in mind before applying wax are

  1. Wax should be applied to a cool car. The car should be under a shade.
  2. The car should be rinsed well before applying wax.
  3. The wax layer should be dried thoroughly under natural conditions.

The wash could be made by pouring the wash into a bucket, mix it with one gallon of water. The car is first washed with water with a pressure pump. This removes the superficial dirt. Then the prepared soap solution is poured upon the car. The wash is smeared with a sponge or Terry cloth mitt. The car is then rinsed and dried by using a soft cloth. The waxing should be done after six months. The car should be washed with water daily but the soap solution should be applied twice weeks. The wax layer lasts for four to six weeks. There are many types of clothes available in the market to wipe the car. The chamois is a natural or synthetic soft microfiber cloth which does not harm the car. This cloth does not leave marks or stains on the car. There is a method to wash the car. The car should be washed from top to bottom. The wheels of the car should be paid the most attention. The inside of the car should be cleaned thoroughly. The air freshener should be changed regularly. The target areas should be washed and dried by a cloth. The seats should be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. The funky odor could be removed by placing baking soda under the seats. The floor mats should be placed in sunlight to be dried thoroughly after wash. The doors should be left open and keep the fans running overnight. The car should be washed before and after the rains.

GETPITSTOP.COM is a service that is rendered at your doorsteps. This service relates to complete servicing, detailing and repairing of the car. The service is hassle-free. The owner is tension free and has peace of mind. There are a pick and drop facility. No tension related to traffic. The car is picked up from the owner taken to the Pitstop garage where it is handled by trained technicians. Continuous updates are sent to the owner regarding the services being rendered in the garage. There are many services provided by this service center. Washing and waxing is an important service provided by them. The washing is done by pressure pumps. The car is washed in shade. Care is taken that no harm is done paint of the car. The external body of the car is washed by a foam wash. The interior of a car should be vacuum cleaned. A single coat of wax is applied to get that beautiful finish. The services are available at a reasonable price. The services provided are awesome. The detailing of a car is done by a highly professional team. They handle the car of the owner as they are handling their car.

Thus the car services provided by Getpitshop are satisfying and awesome. These services are tested and tried by the owners. This is a certified car servicing center that caters to your needs. This service center works on every model of the car. There is a website online to register the details of the car to be serviced. The owner of the car could avail of the services by just a click on the app. The services are convenient and reliable.

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