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It is an unpleasant truth that people grow old with time. And most of us wouldn’t like that at all because we need to lose strength when we get older. Besides, we lose fitness as well. Although we can’t stop the process of aging, we can make it a bit slower. With the help of the exercise, we can slow the process of getting old.

Research shows that people who do regular workout tend to stay young and fit for an extended period than others. Thus, the number of the gym –going people is rapidly growing in recent days. Unfortunately, everyone can make it as they don’t have enough time to hit the gym. As a result, they fail to do exercise even when they are young.

But there is a solution to this problem; they can bring the gym at home. That means they can purchase gym equipment like a fitness bike and can start doing workout inside the house. Some people can’t manage to make that happen, though. Because most of them don’t find out reasonable fitness bikes. Well, we have something interesting which can be beneficial to those people who are searching for the best exercise bike under 200. And it is the Harvil Foldable Magnetic Fitness Bike. So, let’s check out its features:


The Harvil Foldable Magnetic Fitness Bike features a digital monitor. It shows users speed, distance, time, burned calories, and heart rate. As a result, they can be aware of their health condition and can take necessary steps.


If you are searching for an upright bike that can provide optimal comfort during the workout, then the Harvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike is the stuff that you need. It features a comfy backrest which supports your back while exercising.


The Harvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike comes with another excellent feature which is the pulse-rate sensors. Its handles have an ergonomic design, and they are equipped with heart-rate sensors. As a result, users can track their heart-rate rating.


Besides the backrest, the adjustable seat of the fitness machine ensures optimal comfort of the users. Because it is cushioned and so, it delivers comfy support. Another noticeable feature of the seat is it allows users to adjust the sitting position according to their heights.


Unlike the traditional fitness bike, the Harvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike features the seat-side handles. These handles are padded and give extra support when users seat back and start pedaling. And this feature makes this fitness stuff more comfortable.


The Harvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike has high-quality pedals. These pedals come with the anti-slip pattern. And they feature stronger straps which keep exerciser’s feet secure on the bike.


As we know, the essential feature of any fitness bike is the resistance systems. Without it, no bike can be an ideal fitness machine for any workout enthusiast. Thus, the Harvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike comes with the ten levels of magnetic resistance system. And exercisers can access the system with the help of the resistance knob.


The fitness equipment comes with the two built-in wheels. These wheels are located on the front section of the machine. And they help users maneuver the bike easily.


When the fitness bike is not in use, users can fold it upright. For that, they need to pull the knob to fold the exercise bike, and then they can easily store it.


  • Superior quality
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Features folding mechanism
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Ensures optimal comfort
  • Provides a smooth and quiet operation
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Shorter people may find the seat uncomfortable


The Harvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike is a high-quality exercise machine. It features a folding mechanism. And it allows exercisers to fold the unit to store in a convenient space.

The fitness machine works smoothly and quietly. As a result, users won’t feel any disturbance while operating the fitness device. It suits the beginners mostly, and it is perfect for professionals as well. Overall, it has all the features that meet the requirements of most fitness experts. Thus, if you are inquiring for an excellent fitness bike at a reasonable price, you may choose the Harvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

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