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All vitamins and minerals are important for good health. Vitamins and minerals often work together in your body. The inclusion of different types of food in all of the food groups which provide minerals and vitamins in bulk. Filling your plate with organic fruits and vegetables is mandatory.

Due to the ever-increasing work, load and engagement in different chores, multivitamins for women is a good source of essentials as they fulfill all the body needs of women. Below mentioned are the details of vitamin which are present in multivitamins tablets, which is mandatory for healthy living to women.

Folic acid/folate (Vitamin B9)

It helps new cells to make blood cells and DNA. It also prevents certain birth defects called neural tube defects, which happen in the first three months of pregnancy. It also stops premature births and low birth weight.

Women who might get pregnant or need to get pregnant, need 400-800mcg of folic acid every day from the supplements or their food.

 Vitamin B-12

It helps the body to make red blood cells. Also enables neurons to work correctly. This is very efficient and important for unborn baby’s development in the womb. It mainly comes from animal products, for that you have to take a supplement to fulfill the need. Consulting a doctor is mandatory if you are feeding your baby only breastmilk as they also need a supplement. As we age, our body absorbs b-12 as well, so you may need to get more vitamin, as it is easier to absorb.

Vitamin D

Vitamin d with calcium helps to build strong bones and also prevents osteoporosis. It also helps to reduce inflammation in your cells. It enables the immune system to fight off germs that can make you sick.

Where sunlight or women are scarce where they live in the northern part of the country or are homebound needs this. African-American, Hispanic, or Asian-American or postmenopausal, obese also need this in the right amount.


The major storage of calcium in your bones. If you do not get enough quantity of calcium from your food or supplement then the body takes it from your bones, making them weak and easily broken. It also helps to convey messages between your brain and muscles.


It builds healthy blood cells that carry oxygen in your body. Acts as a creator of certain hormones and connective tissue. Iron is lost during monthly menopause. Pregnant women need more iron at the time of pregnancy to supply enough blood to the babies. Deficiency of this can put you on the risk to attain iron-deficient anemia. It can make you feel weak, dizzy and tired. The amount of iron you need each day throughout your life is listed below:

At ages 19 to 50: 18 mg

At the time of pregnancy: 27 mg

At ages 51 and older: 8 mg

Not only these above vitamins are fulfilled by a multivitamin, but it also provides anti-oxidants and the other generic supplements which can be useful for women especially. Multivitamin tablets for women can be a real source for them to fulfill the vitamins and minerals adequacy.

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