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Right Pietra Worktops

Summary: Pietra is the right decision among quartz worktops for your kitchen. Like other quartz counterparts, Pietra enhances the appeal of any kitchen look by manifolds. The reasons why the fine quality Pietra worktops is right for you is because of its enduring quality and great looks.

Selecting Pietra worktops signify choosing elegance through a solid surface that comes with a lower price tag. Defined as an exclusive contemporary styled worktop blended with neutral colour palette and fine particles make Pietra a favourite choice among homeowners. Nevertheless, Pietra quartz looks heavenly and offers various attributes that make it a top-notch choice among customers.

pietra worktops


Wondering how to choose Pietra worktops? Have a look at these reasons:

1.Pietra leaves you with boundless options in terms of designs and styles. The variety of colours and appearances give great scopes to take your favourite pick. The options include Blanco Mist, Ivory Coast, Mark Fossil, Mochachino, Pepper Beach, Natural Linen, Oatmeal, Pure White, White Cloud, and so on.

2. The style of stone comes in varied sizes with bespoke cuts and looks. The options in sizes include 1500 x 650 x 25mm Pietra Amber Pebble, 3050 x 650 x 25mm Pietra Amber Pebble, 3050 x 100 x 12.5mm Pietra Amber Pebble, 2000 x 900 x 25mm Pietra Amber pebble, and so on.

3. The reason that highlights the popularity of Pietra is its one-of-a-kind design. Unlike most other solid surfaces, Pietra can be beautifully custom fabricated that is marked with numerous design possibilities. An amalgamation of natural minerals and high-performance resins, Pietra has the performance and appearance to establish its power.

4. This solid surface is well suited for both commercial and residential applications. It is hygienic and suitable to ward off bacteria, mildew and other detrimental germs. Due to its inconspicuous seams, the material is great for fostering bowls and sinks.

pietra worktops

5. One thumb up to the fact that you will feel safe with the packaging and shipping process of Pietra. It is non-hazardous and safe for shipping, provided adequate shipping precautions are taken in regards to safety and lifting equipment. Another plus point is that Pietra offers a great chemical composition that makes it resistant to any potential health hazards.

6. The storing procedure of Pietra includes some easy instructions. If you follow the advices properly, you are assured that the stone stays in the perfect shape and quality without any harm. It can be evenly supported or stored flat. The stone slabs can also be stored on a vertical storage rack on the edge, provided that the base of the sheet is adequately supported by a stable platform or a flat floor.

The entire process of wrapping and storing Pietra Quartz is carried out in a perfect manner. Usually, any single sheet should be carried on a vertical plane. Then they are bundled in a timber pallet and unloaded with a forklift. If, in case, there is no lifting device available the sheets can be manually unloaded without any difficulty.

Buy Pietra worktops across the UK market that sells a variety of countertop materials. Before you buy, research online and carry out an enquiry at the shops for the best price quotation. Read through the feedback of the websites for a formation of ideas about the respective companies. After all, being aware of the prices and market will help you land with the best deal within a feasible budget.

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