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A database is defined as a collection of information or data that is structured and stored electronically. This information is stored so that it can be accessed by organizations, managed and updated when necessary. A database administrator, on the other hand, is defined as a person who gives directions or performs all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment.

The duty of a database administrator is to make data available to its users. Database consultants work with the developers to ensure that their applications make efficient use of the database, and with system, administrators to ensure that physical resources are adequate and used efficiently.

Therefore, for you to lay a strong foundation, you must first learn what the duties of a DBA consultant are. Well, first and foremost, Database administrators are responsible for understanding the Database architecture and how the database works. Database administrators or a DBA consultant if you like are expected to perform the following tasks.

  • Designing, implementing, and maintaining the database system.
  • Creating policies and techniques pertaining to the management, maintenance, security, and use of the database management system.
  • Training company personnel in database management and its benefits so as to make sure the database users understand the system well.
  • Installing and upgrading the Database software-making sure that after every upgrade every user is using the upgraded version of the database.
  • Configuring the network environment to enable clients to connect to databases- working as a network administrator and making sure that every user is able to access the internet in order to be able to use the database.
  • Starting up and shutting down the database.
  • Managing the database storage.
  • Supervision of the database users and ensuring security
  • 24-hour careof database performance.
  • Assessing and testing new database features

The types of users depend on the database environment. A small database may have one Database administrator. Having a larger database may divide the database administrator duties among several expertise. For example, security officers, backup operators, and application administrators can perform tasks that are meant for DBA consultants to some degree.

Database Management Tools

·         phpMyAdmin

PHPMyAdmin, most prevalently voted database management tool. It’s an open-source web-based MySQL manager. With this tool, you can create or manage databases, tables, database users, optimize and check for errors in your DBA tables, run queries; export or import data in plenty of file formats.

·         Navicat for MySQL

Navicat for MySQL is part of the Windows/Mac/Linux family relational database management tools, which was created by Premium Soft. This tool has a graphic query builder for creating more-complex database queries in a snap. The tool is also used to import, export and backup tools for your databases.

·         SQLyog

SQLyog is an administration tool for MySQL developed by Indian-based software company, Webyog

·         Sequel Pro

For Mac OS users, Sequel Pro is the best choice for you. This tool is an open-source MySQL database management front to end tool. It has a smooth and intuitive GUI that keeps it to the basics so that you can easily navigate the app.

·         Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

If you are a Microsoft SQL Server database admin, believe and trust that there is probably a no better tool out there than Microsoft’s freeware app.SQL Server Management Studio has a GUI that Windows OS users will find direct, and it has an aground-breaking feature called Object Explorer that lets users browse, perform and select tasks on database objects


Nelly Parker is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server. She has worked with database technology for over 10 years now. For more DBA consultant tips and guidelines, visit her blog by clicking this link.

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