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Rebranding might not be the first choice among all strategies companies usually consider to boost their businesses. But practically speaking, rebranding is a fantastic means of reviving a brand, especially through digital marketing on social media. There are numerous examples in which companies could have strengthened the sales by just a brand redesign. There have been considerable increases in following and engagement for these businesses as a result of a rebranding approach on social media.

Rebranding is the procedure of redesigning the image of the products and services of a company. This approach is usually adopted to draw a new insight into the company in the public eye. It is actually a marketing strategy including changing the logo, name, symbols, mottos, the shape of products, missions, etc. Sometimes an entirely different identity is made for the company following this changing process.

There are different reasons for rebranding each of which must be regarded differently. On the one hand, many companies decision of rebranding is a part of their strategies for the future based on anticipation. Sometimes they want to take advantage of a new opportunity before their rivals. For example, “Apple Computer” was renamed to be able to seize the opportunity of working on some other brand-new technologies. Sometimes they want to tackle a looming threat because of any possible change of the market in the future.

On the other hand, some companies will adopt a rebranding approach because of some changes happened to them already. In case of merger or acquisition, independency, conflict of trademarks, being outdated, political conflicts, etc. many companies are coerced into thinking about rebranding.

Redesigning the company’s accounts on social media is a crucial part of the rebranding process. Because social media marketing is now the fastest and the most widespread means of connecting with costumers. The change of accounts in terms of themes, posting schedule, Hashtags, texts, Stories, comments, replies, etc. must be made with meticulous care considering updated attitudes of users. Moreover, targeted changes are sometimes a necessity, particularly for specific products or services.

Of course, this procedure will not be as simple as it seems. Due to the accepted imagination of your business in your costumers’ mind, any careless change can exacerbate the problem instead of increasing your followers. If you do not have an exact plan to implement, the process of changing your brand can be a huge risk. Besides, if you are using more than one social networking sites and applications like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, you should double your attempt. Because the changing procedure must take place simultaneously with a unique theme on different platforms each of which has different requirements. You can also use content management systemsto make sure of the unity of your rebranding process on social media.

Accordingly, many managers and marketing experts suggest that the process of rebranding should be implemented gradually. By this approach, the company is actually informing its followers that there will be some changes with the chance of getting their feedback. You should clearly explain what changes they will face and what benefits they will reap. Some brands, on the contrary, prefer changes en masse keeping them as a secret until the execution moment. Using such a shock-factor mechanism is highly likely to cause detrimental effects on your brand’s popularity.

To prevent this risk from happening, we offer the first approach. You can start by posting something from your new platform on social media requesting people for their opinion. This makes your followers know you respect their attitudes towards changes before implementing them. Also, it will buy you time and makes your costumers adjust to rebrand. You can use a poll on Instagram to ask some questions about the designs and use the results to improve your rebranding plan.

After fixing your approach about rebranding you have to take care of all social media accounts. For instance, you need to alter the theme of your Twitter to be compatible with your new colors. Also, you can create a new Pinterest featured board containing new elements of your rebranding. On Instagram, you can use new colors as a background for your posts to implant the changes indirectly in the minds of your audience. Bear in mind that you should have a consistent account name across all social media. Thus, you have to check it and be sure that the name is available on all of the social media platforms before implementing the changes on any of them. Sometimes many companies have to pay a lot of money to buy accounts on Instagramas a result of such carelessness.

Afterward, consider having a Google Business profile if you have not created one already. Make sure your profile is up to date containing all new information. This will help local customers easily find you. Another important matter is that people should be redirected to your new name if they search for your previous name. You have to try each link to make sure it works correctly. There are some tools like Google Webmaster Tools by which you can check whether or not the links are broken. You should search your brand’s products with different keywords on Google to make sure your company’s appearance on the internet is in conformance with what you had planned.

In sum, the rebranding process of your brand and all profiles of your social media can be a little risky. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to do it correctly with meticulous care. Include consulting with marketing experts and content managers in your plan. In the end, you should be strong enough to be faced with any consequences to come.

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