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Learn To Play Like a Pro With Guitar Classes NYC

That is true! Now it is possible to learn to play the guitar with simple lessons that cost you nothing. In the next four basic lessons, you will get a good briefing and learn to play the guitar.

Holding the guitar correctly

In a sitting position, assuming you are right-handed, you rest the guitar on your right leg, hold the body of the guitar on the right side and hit the strings with your right hand. If you pay too much attention to your left hand and know how to hold a chord, the guitar can slip off your leg. This is a typical beginner mistake that guitar classes NYC will make you aware of so that you can avoid it. Be sure to hold the guitar near your body and hold the guitar on your neck (the opposite is true if you are left-handed).

Learn chords from a table

At guitar lessons Brooklyn, we begin by learning three chords, all of which are in the first four finger bands. The straps refer to the space between the raised metal strips and the strips themselves. The bands are shown in the chord diagram as vertical lines, with the six horizontal lines indicating the guitar strings. Remember that the strings are numbered from one to six starting at the bottom. We also number the fingers of your hand that you eat, 1-3 starting with the index finger. We will use the little finger (# 4) later.

Your first three chords

Place your first and second fingers on the third or first string of the second band. Place your third finger on the second string on the third string. It becomes easier than it seems! Press the strings with the fingertips and as close as possible to the metal lining. Simply turn on the first four strings. This is the chord D.

Place your 1st finger on the 3rd string on the 2nd string and move your 2nd and 3rd fingers to the 4th and 2nd string, all on the 2nd string. Beat the first five strings. Now you are playing the “A” chord. Study the table in the chord table.

Slide the first finger on the third string toward the first string and place the second and third fingers on the fifth or fourth string, both on the second string. Beat the 6 strings and play the E chord. Always check the chord diagrams on the worksheet.

Rhythm patterns and chord changes

Play now! At NYC guitar school we will teach you to focus on making your chords sound clean, without frets or string sounds. This can be caused by not pressing hard enough or by touching the string “to the side”. As already mentioned, the fingertips push the rope as close as possible to the waist. Strum with a regular pattern, first only down and then only the specified strings. Be sure to eat clean by choosing each thread at a time. Now practice switching from one chord to another. With just these three chords, you can begin to master regular beats, cleaning and quick chord changes. Using a metronome or a rhythm computer is helpful.

As in all guitar lessons, you will probably know the basics of the guitar. You can learn some music theory and basic guitar chords for beginners. I think some lessons will also cover the anatomy of the guitar. This is very important, especially if you want to start playing the guitar a lot. You must know your guitar exactly as if it were your best friend.  These courses are designed to help you learn to play the guitar quickly and easily. We hope you make the most of your guitar and keep playing!

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