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Establishing a presence online is a must, whether you go for a website or a mobile app. It is important that you decide which one would be more suitable and reason with yourself over why you believe it to be the ideal solution.

If you are an eCommerce business and wish to establish an online presence, starting a website and then moving onto the app would be a lucrative option. You can even have both but, it is important to have a website.

For the store’s website, usability and experience are very crucial, and both need to be determined from the user’s perspective. That’s why you need to indulge in Magento. Being an eCommerce-centric platform, it offers the functionality as well as ease-of-use that you need. It comes with all the in-built tools that you need for the website.

However, as a professional entrepreneur, there are a few tools that might help you create the website of your choice. Here we will take you through those tools that should help.

  1. Advanced Product Video Extension

The important part of any eCommerce website is to indulge in a good product description that can cause the users to purchase it. What could be a better way to describe the product and its features than a video? The videos could be in the form of how to use the product or, a complete product demo. You could even add review videos. This tool, specifically devised for Magento 2, can help add multiple videos as part of the description of your product.

  1. Quick Order

Bulk ordering can be quite cumbersome, and become an ache for the entrepreneurs dealing in wholesale selling. That’s why you need to add this tool to your Magento website. You can easily add the products using the product ID or SKU Id. You can even share the quick order page with a particular customer or group, depending on the need.

  1. One Step Checkout

For professional entrepreneurs, it is important that they convert more and in a better way. For this, they need to make the website as user-friendly and sleek as possible. Most online shoppers tend to abandon the cart when the overall speed of loading the cart and the process of adding the products to the checkout is long and cumbersome. With this extension, you can reduce the steps, and expedite the entire process, thus leading to an enriched customer experience.

  1. Magento Google Tag Manager

Defining the online marketing strategy is the key to getting more conversions. With this tool, you will know the exact traffic coming to your website, and know every minute detail about the visitor. It will help you develop capable insights. it is a must-have for every eCommerce site owner for better marketing and re-marketing strategies

  1. Elasticsearch

The search relevance is important if you want to feature the product within the search made by the user. This tool will enhance the search results’ capabilities, and ensure that the product gets listed as part of the search results. It will take all search queries into account while offering the results, thus helping you create a good first impression.

  1. Advanced Newsletter Popup

This tool has been specifically created for Magento 2. Making the people subscribe to your newsletter can seem difficult but, not if you use this popup tool. As soon as someone visits your website, it will be shown to them, thus leading to an engaging and fruitful experience. It is also one of the best ways to boost sales

  1. Advanced Shipping Tool

As an entrepreneur setting foot in the eCommerce business, you know just well how important shipping is for your business. with this tool, you can help calculate the shipping cost, estimate the time for shipping, set shipping rules, thus helping store owners improve their shipping capabilities.

  1. Discount Coupon Code Link

When you offer products at discounted rates, it helps increase your conversions and more quantity is sold as a result. With this extension, you can add the coupon code to the particular product category, which you can then make the users share on the different social media platforms. Even you can share the link and help increase the conversion rate.

  1. Fraud Prevention

One of the major reasons why people still don’t prefer shopping on a new website is the increase in the number of fraudulent deals. With this extension, you can check on the sales that appear suspicious, and control the fraud from the backend. You will be able to block the future orders for this category.

  1. Instagram Connect

Advertising your products is important if you want to increase sales. Hire certified Magento developers who understand the importance of Instagram, and use the extension Instagram connect so that you can easily bring all the Instagram posts to your Magento store. You will find that this tool makes it easy to integrate the Instagram posts to your website and tag products from your website to Instagram.

Summing Up

Creating an eCommerce site using Magento requires thorough planning and an understanding of what you aim to achieve from the eCommerce site. you should ideally hire a good Magento development company that understands your needs, and helps you accomplish your blueprint.

Adding these extensions will enhance the experience and boost customer satisfaction. You will see an increase in conversions as most of the extensions are important for the customer, and ease the task of the business owner.

Author Bio:Atman Rathod is the Co-founder at CMARIX TechnoLabsPvt. Ltd., a leading web and mobile app development company with 16+ years of experience. He loves to write about technology, startups, entrepreneurship, and business. His creative abilities, academic track record, and leadership skills made him one of the key industry influencers as well.

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