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The summer has returned and this time the heat is going to be more intense. According to Mark Roemer, apart from climate change, homes designed with a lack of air ventilation have also resulted in hotter summers. Here’s how you can make the most out of your air conditioner and beat the heat:

Tips & Tricks

  1. Block out the sun and the heat – Air conditioners take away the challenge from an architect’s job. Since a box can do all of the cooling, they don’t incorporate good ventilation into their design. That’s why it is important to add natural shading to your home. It’s time to take a trick from the past and make it work.

Use pergolas, overhangs, and plant more trees to add shading around your home. You can also use exterior blinds to shade windows and prevent the heat from getting in. Instead of adding a few more tons of air conditioning, this would be a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option in the long term.

  1. Switch to more efficient appliances and lighting – An old refrigerator doesn’t just consume more electricity, but also creates more heat and delivers poor cooling to keep your food fresh. The situation is similar to old light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs generate a lot of heat, consume more power, and produce less light compared to efficient LED alternatives. Switch to more efficient lighting and appliances to produce less heat inside your home.
  1. Minor lifestyle changes – Dryers can consume a lot of power and produce extra heat in your home. Take advantage of the intense summer heat and use a clothesline to dry your clothes and sheets. You can also switch to more cool foods and salads to reduce the heat generated by cooking. Have a barbecue out in the backyard with chilled beer.
  2. Seal out leaks – Whether you live in an apartment or a single owner house, sealing up the air leaks is one of the easiest ways to get more cooling out of your air-conditioning. This needs to be done especially if you have an old home and haven’t had it air-sealed before.
  3. Don’t block out the vents – Mark out all the supply and return vents in your home. You may be surprised to find quite a lot of them to be blocked out by miscellaneous things like dog beds, piles of clothes, and more. This results in increased pressure in the duct system and results in reduced airflow.
  4. Invest in a smart thermostat – A smart thermostat can bring you surprisingly good results on cooling. Those devices monitor your home’s temperature and understand your behavior to make your HVAC system more efficient. This brings you better cooling without additional expense in your energy bill.


Mark Roemer suggests that you follow the above-mentioned tips to save more on your energy bill and get more out of your air conditioning system. Lifestyle change and smarter home designs that focus on shading is also very important that needs to be implemented in the future.

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