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Even you have the best high-speed internet connections for gaming, the network may sometimes lag and as a result of poor WiFi connectivity. In many cases, this lag occurs because of remote server issues and usually get fixed by itself. But if the problem happens continuously even after overtime, you may have to retry to configure your WiFi settings to enhance the gaming experience.

In this particular article section, you will find the best tips for gaming WiFi settings. Before reconfiguring the internal router settings. It’s good to adjust the router physically once. Because sometimes some outer sources may result in slow or discontinuous internet connectivity. So let’s begin with it.

Tip #1: Try to Fix or Upgrade your WiFi Connection Speed

Having an internet connection with the speed of 15 to 20 Mbps is enough sufficient for online streaming or playing games online. The reason behind this is of a greater latency effect over the lag rather than the internet speed.

However, nowadays we have many devices that are connected with the same WiFi network in the same period of time.

Therefore, if you are using the internet at the same time for doing other various stuff like streaming music, watching movies or some heavy internet work, the bandwidth will naturally drop below some certain level of feasibility causing a high amount lag during the online gaming.

Even sometimes because of the heavy load we found in our Netgear routers that not working. Hence it is recommended a 20 Mbps speed to be on a safe side. There is also another fact that you should be aware of i.e. optical fibre broadband. Optic fibre offers a great and smooth online gaming experience than WiFi network connectivity.

Tip #2: In Case of Wireless Internet Connection: Get Closer to Your Router

Even if you have enough strong WiFi signals to avoid discontinuous or disconnections, it can still strongly influence on your internet connection speed, if you are quite far away from the router’s network range.

More the distance between you and the router, the slower the internet speed. A standard Netgear 2.4GHz router can easily transmit for about 100-150 feet. But you have realized that your desktop or laptop placed at the extremely out of the range will definitely slow down over the period of time. So why even to take the chance? Try to keep your device closer to your router for the best results.

Tip #3: Check your Internet Network Connectivity Latency

Try to run a ping test to check the quality of your broadband connectivity. This you can do it in a few easy steps:

  • Click on the Start button and go to the search box present at the bottom left corner of your desktop screen.
  • In the search box, type RUN.
  • Now after that type, ping  t and press the Enter key.

How this test makes sense in the gaming experience?

  • Latency range- 1-30ms- fantastic
  • Latency range- 31-60ms- decent
  • Latency range- 61-100ms- Create a number of gameplay issues.
  • Latency range- above 100ms- Not applicable for online gaming.

Tip #4 Enhance your Internet Line Connectivity

If your internet network connection is not fibered, you can perform a number of things to enhance your line connectivity. Follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Replace your ancient look and functionality router ASAP.
  • Use microfilters on the lines to reduce the unwanted noise present on the phone lines.
  • Keep a careful look on the ADSL light on your modem. If you found the light blinking over time to time, it can be an unstable ADSL line configuration. This problem can be fixed by your ISP.

Tip #5: Signals Interference from Other Sources

The WiFi routers majorly work on the radio waves frequency. These radio signals can interfere with each other in the same manner as FM/AM radio signal frequencies do. Some of the most common interference sources are:

  • Microwave ovens.
  • Wireless speakers.
  • Direct satellite services.
  • External monitors and LCD displays.
  • Cordless telephones operating at 2.4GHz to 5GHz frequency range.

We hope our this particular section on enhancing the WiFi performance for gaming will going to prove fruitful for you. If somehow, still you are stuck somewhere with your Netgear router technical issues. Feel free to take assistance for Netgear router support, just share with us through comments. Our technical team will surely assist you with best and quick solutions.

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