Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

When planning digital marketing campaigns, it is necessary to know a few different strategies for a good web search positioning. If you want to get your website higher in search results, you must ask yourself: what is SEO? What is SEM? Why is it so important to know about these concepts for good digital marketing results?

Everyone wants their website to be among the first page of results in a Google search. Because of this, it is essential to know how to handle the tools that help you position your page. SEO and SEM the two most important tools for this. However, both being two very abstract concepts, it can be hard to understand how they work.

Long story short, SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be defined as the more “natural” way of positioning your website while SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the opposite. With SEM, you must pay to position your website on the first page through paid advertising. However, these two concepts go hand in hand. Both are usually necessary to improve your digital online marketing strategy.

If you are curious about this world of online marketing, here are ten SEO strategies and ten SEM strategies that you should consider. This will help you get placed on the top search results.


  • Start with a clear objective. It is important to know what market you are trying to attract, and what your marketing campaign will be in order to reach your goals.
  • Once we have clearly defined our objective, it is time to get to work with the website SEO. This means creating quality content and pictures on each page of your website.
  • Use keywords. Keywords are the words a user may search for when searching for content related to our page.
  • Optimize Update content regularly to better position yourself in search results. Make sure your website loads quickly as well, as this also improves positioning.
  • CTR, or Click-through Rate is the percentage of clicks that users make on a particular page. The higher that percentage, the better SEO. This improves your positioning as well.
  • Using internal and external links allows you to generate high-quality content. However, links must be reliable sources. If not, it could penalize your website, and lower its positioning.
  • The structure of your website must be consistent. Google checks every detail: the length of the text, the title and the URL.
  • When the web content is ready, other things to take into account is the SEO off page. This refers to the actions performed outside of your website.
  • If we want to generate valuable content on other websites, you will need to understand Link Building. Ultimately, you will want to choose websites that have a similar theme or audience than your own.
  • Using social networks and keeping them updated is a great opportunity that should be used in online marketing. This helps you launch content directly to your users that they may be interesting. It is basically a form of free advertising.


  • To carry out an ad campaign using Google AdWords, you must first consider that the objective may be, what you intend to achieve as an end result, and how this ad will be developed. When advertising through SEM, also consider your
  • Will the investment you’re making be profitable? The ROI, or Return on Investment, indicates whether or not your ad campaign is generating profits. A trick to achieve this is using keywords. Using a few most common words based on your theme is much stronger than aiming for many. For example, if you are selling international phone numbers on your website, use the keyword “international phone number” instead of listing all things related to your telecommunication website.
  • One factor that influences the position of your ads is the quality. Google uses Quality Score, which is based on the number of clicks and the content of the page. To achieve a good score, it is essential that users click around your site. Their searches must match the content of your website. Your content must also be reliable and relevant.
  • Ad rotation is used to specify how often you want ads relative to other ads to appear. If we have several ads within an ad group, they rotate to show all ads.
  • Landing Pages are the pages that turn users into customers.The landing page content has generated additional interest that expands on information for the reader. It is important that landing pages have a good marketing strategy that catches the user’s attention each time.
  • Take advantage of what Google offers. Google ads consist of a 25-character title, a 35-character description and a second description for another 35-characters. The URL is also 35-characters.
  • Structuring and separating advertising campaigns, grouping them by theme and content allows search results to show them based on what is being offered. Because they use different topics, it would be best to separate them rather than grouping them all in one.
  • Adjusting ad campaigns to be viewed through mobile devices is a very important marketing strategy today. However, because of this, we advise writing shorter sentences and use higher quality photos.
  • Optimize, optimize and optimize. Improve keywords, CTR percentage and update your website’s structure from time to time.
  • Constantly monitor and analyze your ad campaigns. This helps you keep track of how well they are working. SEM allows real-time data to be obtained in order to make faster and more informed decisions.

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