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Netgear firmware update helps you to keep your Netgear device performance and network security protection at peak level against the various security threats and attacks. You can easily update your Netgear firmware version with ease by smart wizard through an automated process or the self manual process.

The automated process of Netgear firmware version update uses Netgear Genie smart setup software to find the most reliable and support firmware update for your Netgear wifi range extender. The self manual method grants you better control, thus it will be quite helpful for those who want to install an extract Netgear extender firmware version.

As per the technical experts’ suggestions, it’s always good to check your Netgear extender firmware update before proceeding for the new extender setup. If there might be any kind of latest firmware update, then proceed for the update process, so for the flawless and seamless further setup procedure.

Netgear Firmware Update Automated Upgrade Procedure

Netgear always regularly keep on releasing new firmware versions to improve the extender’s performance and follow on new features. Follow the given steps upgrade your Netgear firmware version:

  • Turn on your desktop or laptop and try to make it connect with your Netgear extender network. Your router and range extender might have different SSID network name. Verify it first once, before you connect your desktop or laptop with range extender’s network.
  • Type in the URL or address bar of your preferred web browser. After that, with the help of login credentials, enter into the extender configuration page.
  • You will find the Menu icon in the extender’s configuration page, tap on it.
  • Try to access the firmware update page:
  • On major models, choose Settings >>> Firmware Update.
  • If you do not find the option, choose Maintenance >>> Firmware Upgrade.
  • Click on Check or Check online button.
  • If there is any new firmware update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to prompt the firmware update.

Netgear Firmware Update Manual Upgrade Procedure

In some situations, users are unable to complete the automated extender firmware update process. However, this will not let the extender’s applied settings changed until the initial setup is complete. This particular article’s section will help you update the firmware of your Netgear extender manually.

  • Connect your main router directly and download the latest Netgear firmware version to your local PC and store it at any local drive from the official Netgear website. You can search for the latest firmware version with the help of range extender’s model number.
  • Try to connect your desktop with your range extender and open any of your prefered web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer and search mywifiext in the address bar.
  • With the help of login credentials, enter into the extender configuration page.
  • Now navigate towards the Maintenance >>> Firmware Update and search for the downloaded latest range extender’s firmware file, and click on Upload button. The downloaded firmware file is like EXzzzz-Vx.x.x.x, where zzzz is the model number and x.x.x.x is the firmware version.
  • Once the firmware uploaded completely, your range extender firmware is updated completely.

We hope our this particular article section help you out very well regarding the firmware update process. If somehow you find any difficulty regarding the firmware update process or another extender technical issue. Feel free to share with us through the comment box.

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