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Top 7 Tips for Everyday Makeup

Less is always more when it comes to everyday makeup. Here are a few tips that can make you look presentable without spending too much time experimenting in front of the mirror:

Buy products that will enhance your natural features

Everyday makeup is all about looking your best. Glamor is not exactly what you are looking for here. So look for products that match the natural color of your features. For instance, raspberry lipstick may be perfect for berry-toned lips. Light pink eye shadow may be ideal for eyelids that are naturally tinted that way.

Wear under-eye concealer for fresh look

Dark circles or under-eye bags can make you look tired and worn. With a touch of under-eye concealer you can make your face look absolutely fresh, even if you are really exhausted. Get a quality product that won’t cause any irritation to this delicate area.

Choose the right concealer

The concealer that you buy should ideally be two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Anything lighter than that will draw instant attention, making it look too obvious and maybe even scary.

Apply blush properly

There are many women who end up applying blush on the apples of their cheeks. This is a wrong way of doing it. The ideal way would be to sweep it from your ear towards your mouth, down your cheekbones. Dab a bit of it on your chin and make sure you blend it well. If you have an oblong or a long face, you can apply blush on your cheekbones right below the outer corners of your eyes. Remember – the blush that you apply should never come below the tip of your nose.

Go for the neutral shades

The Smokey-eye look can be too extreme for office. You can save the silver and black shadows for formal occasions and choose some neutral shades for everyday use. You can choose a nude cream, taupe, or a subtle coral to enhance your natural look with a glow. You can also find neutral shades of lipstick for everyday use.

Make sure your lip liner matches the shade of your lipstick perfectly

Lining your lips with a dark pencil is a strict no-no. Not only does it make you look blatantly unnatural, it also makes your lips appear smaller while aging your mouth area. The lip liner has to match the exact shade of the lipstick you choose. If not, it has to match the color of your lips. Make sure you color fully between the lines.

Choose black or brown for mascara

Applying mascara is a habit you need to adopt every day if you want your eyes to look bright and rejuvenated. Colors like black or dark brown tend to elongate your eyelashes, adding an extra feminine touch to your face.

You can find more such tips on You can even sign up for one of their makeup courses if you wish to master the art of makeup.

There are many products that can make you look glamorous and perfect. However, the idea of everyday makeup is to look real and toned-down. Make sure you use the right products in the right way.

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