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video analytics companies in India

Video analytics or video content analysis is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events. It is a computerized video footage analysis that uses algorithms to differentiate between object types and identify certain behavior or action in real-time, providing alerts and insights to users. There are many companies providing the service of video analytics companies in India. Some of the top video analytics companies in India are Silversparro, AllGoVision, Videonetics, Livedarshan, Cron-J, etc.

Experience is a real differentiator when it comes to video analytics. Its success depends on expert deployment. So it’s very important to choose the right expert in video analytics. So here the few features you can look for while selecting the best expert for video analytics.

Integrated video management

Intelligent video analytics and our existing camera network can be integrated. The video analytics shall integrate with video management. It examines each frame of video, extracts information about events in that video and stores it as metadata into a database for future reference. Additionally, it is also able to incorporate data from other sources.

Real-time surveillance

If you are using video analytics, you expect to see what’s happening. Via any of the available methods of access, you can quickly give ourselves peace of mind those things all are in order. Our system knows what our day to day activities look like therefore it will send push alerts only in the case when some unusual activities are detected. You can be aware of any irregularities in advance. The software can identity perimeter breaches, abandoned objects, objects that are removed, people movement and vehicle activity.

Easy to install

Video analytics shall be easy to install. New cameras can be set up easily to use virtual tripwires to detect unusual patterns of movement, and it will alert to the need for monitoring wherever you are if needed.

Advanced event visualization

Video analytics shall support advanced event visualization. Under video analytics, predefined events can be located and monitored on a graphic information system (GIS) map in the operator client user interface. You can also use the integrated video players to view the recorded video footage of an event or an activity that is under surveillance.

Access from anywhere

You shall be able to access the footage of the camera from anywhere in the world. By this, you can free our footage from old fashioned videotaped and removable discs. There will be savings in storage costs. You can access our camera footage from a range of different devices, including modern smartphones, for true anywhere access to check-in what is going back at the office or warehouse KR other premises.

Video analytics shall support an open framework for integrating sensors and events streams. It shall also have rich content-based indexing and advanced search capabilities for the efficient analysis of video footage both in real-time and investigation of past events.

Video analytics undoubtedly holds great promise and has already demonstrated its worth in a number of areas. That said, the world of video is constantly evolving and this is true of video analytics too.

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