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The database is a structured program that contains an assortment of all the data. It is an electronic system that is used by a business as a safe method allowing the data to be easily accessed and updated. A database is usually stored as a file in a storage device. The information in these files is further broken down into simpler terms as records which are then broken down as fields. Records are recorded in a table that contains all the information related to various fields. Fields are the basic components of a database that contain information relating to a specific thing.

The best databases

All the internet projects that require a database for their work will use MySQL for their job. MySQL is the ideal platform for all the beginners to start learning about the web development. It is extremely free for all of the users for practice, however, there are certain advanced versions which are up for sale too. Initially, MySQL was only available at Linux but with the passage of time it has developed, and it can now be accessed through Windows and Mac too.

Microsoft SQL Server Express is considered to be one the most popular of the Database management systems. It requires you to download a specific set of functions and tools that you need to install in order to use it. For all those businesses that heavily rely on Microsoft Office applications, this could be of massive help to them.

Microsoft Access is a part of the Microsoft Office so all those people who have the Microsoft office must have this too. Access is very identical to MySQL. Through Access, you can design tables, fields, and then analyze the relationship between them. The positives when suing Access is that it comes in one single application that can be used through Microsoft Access. For all those people who prefer to learn about the database, Microsoft Access is ideal for you. You can have a free 60 days membership trial too.

Types of databases

Hierarchical database, as the name suggests is the simple parent to children relationship. Organized like a tree, the data in this database is stored in various fields with each field containing a particular value. The surprising element in this database is that each record (child) will have a single field (parent) while a field can have multiple records. These databases are highly used in the banking industries where the systems demand high quality. The hierarchical database can be modified and used very easily.

A relational database is a database in which the data is stored in the form various tables (rows and columns). Each row represents a particular record while each field in the table has a particular data value. Relational databases are one of the most commonly used databases as they are used in Oracle, SQLite, MySQL, etc. They are extremely easy to use and can be updated with no training whatsoever.

Databases are the most ideal ways to store all the fields and records in the most appropriate manner. For any person who is willing to study more on web development, databases are the way to go. Learn through the online courses on our website, here.

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