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You put in a lot of love and care into growing your plants. It hurts when they wither or die. Reviews believes that while you can’t control most forces of nature, you can keep the weed growth in check if you can identify them early. Identifying weed doesn’t require a lot of research and with the following signs, you can easily spot and get rid of them before they spread out and suck away all the nutrients.

The Guide

  1. Broadleaf Perennial – As the name suggests, broadleaf perennials are weeds that grow for more than 2 years and are usually characterized by their broad leaves. They grow from their stems like most other plants and perennials are especially difficult to remove since they sprout and grow faster than you can get rid of them. However, if you identify them early on, they can’t spread out in your garden.

The length of broadleaf perennials may vary from 6 inches to 6 feet and they can grow anywhere from sunny and dry areas to shady and moist areas in your garden. To identify some common broadleaf perennials, you need to:

  • Dandelion – spot the yellow matured flowers that look like puffballs
  • Oxalis – look for the clover-shaped flowers and light green leaves
  • Bindweed – Arrowhead shaped leaves along with long twining vines
  • White Clover – Frame of three-lobed leaves with clusters of white flowers
  1. Broadleaf annual – Like their cousins, broadleaf annuals also have the distinctive broad leaves, but have a life cycle that is limited to one growing season. They are easy to identify since they have showy flowers and usually grow from nodes and veins that look like a net. They can also go from a few inches to a few feet and usually spread wide. They usually prefer fertile land with the sun, but some weeds can grow in shade as well. To identify them you need to:
  • Lamb’s-Quarter – look for the scalloped green leaves with gray undersides
  • Purslane – spot the thicker, fleshy dark leaves along with tiny yellow flowers where the stem ends
  • Velvetleaf – look for large leaves that have a velvety heart shape with a generous width of 10 inches or less
  1. Grassy annual – Grassy annuals germinate and die within a year and can produce numerous prolific seeds since they need to germinate the next year. The weedy grasses can lower your turf quality easily. Common grassy annuals include:
  • Crabgrass – their color ranges from yellow-green to dark bluish-green and have large roots at the nodes
  • Foxtails – they have coarse leaves with a color similar to crabgrass and the leaves can grow half an inch wide or 12 inches long

Conclusion Reviews suggests that you get rid of these pesky weeds as soon as you are able to spot them. Mulching your garden is a good way to get rid of them. You can also pull off large weeds by your hand so that you can avoid soil damage.

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