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Digital marketing is the backbone of corporate success. This is particularly important for startups and small businesses, as their brand power has not yet grown to a self-sustaining level like major corporate entities such as GE or Facebook. Before your community of users knows exactly who you are you will have to build a following and put yourself out there so that people know what your startup does and why prospective clients should care about your services or products. This is an important part of the company, but advertising and branding, especially through the use of digital marketing tactics, often falls by the wayside in favor of intellectual property concerns or the building of new products before your initial designs begin to take off on the market.

Organizing your branding as a pivotal space without your startup’s priorities is a crucial step toward finding success. According to Manick Bhan, the CTO and founder of LinkGraph and CEO of SearchAtlas, SEO questions act as the main spike of this push for branding exposure. You simply can’t overestimate the power of SEO practices and marketing penetration.

What can SEO do for your business?


SEO – or Search Engine Optimization – is a crucial component of any marketing endeavor. This holds true for startups and large corporations. Optimization is the core principle of how search engines find information for their users. Google, the largest search engine in the world, utilizes an algorithmic approach to curating content based on search parameters and a set of known quantities about the person conducting the search. Nowadays, advertising through Google ads campaign can help you immediately vault to the top of the search results page, boosting click-through rates by an order of magnitude. First results on the Google page net nearly a third of all clicks, regardless of content or the search terms used. Gaining these coveted tops spots can really boost your traffic and your organic revenue as a result.

Search Engine Optimization is therefore a critical strategy for growing your brand’s footprint and finding new and long-term clients that will remain loyal to your business into the future. The best way to create a lasting brand is to spend as much time as possible fostering these long relationships with repeat customers. Regardless of the service you provide, continual patronage from a loyal following is the industry standard among professionals looking to develop their startup into a full-blown market player. Digital marketing offers the most streamlined and cost-effective means of breaking through this barrier, and SEO practices stand at the center of this approach to the market building.

How does optimization work?


Essentially, the process of optimizing your digital content begins with keywords and keyword research. This is the best way to understand the search habits of the market you are trying to capture and compete within. Keywords are the baseline for Google and other search engine algorithms. These are the focus terms that people search for when they are looking for all manner of items or assistance. From a new charcoal grill to home cleaning services, online searches follow a patterned set of parameters that you can measure and work to compete in. Optimizing your blog and main page content for the algorithms must strike a unique balance of human readability and keyword density. This is where marketing professionals come into play. They are pros at creating the type of content that will flow for both human and computerized readers, boosting your results page ranking and creating seamless content for your viewers at the same time.

Stick with your digital path in order to create success for your business.

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