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Customer service conversations are one of the important insights that flag vital issues, help in improving customer experience, and lots more. As the amount of conversations increases, it becomes difficult to capture all nuggets of understanding from each individual call. Thus, as a solution Screen recording tool is used in the contact centers. The tool allows effortlessly monitoring 100% of the contact center’s customer interactions. Hence, in this post, we are giving you some reasons to make you understand why incorporating a screen recorder into contact center workflows is important.

IObit Screen Recorder

  1. Reduce Legal Risks

In the contact center, it’s very important for the agents to deliver legal disclosures unmistakably at the right time in every conversation. Doing so keeps the patrons informed and reduces the legal liability of the company. Screen recording helps the managers to make certain main business needs. Communicating lawful statements and obtaining permission fulfilled constantly and in adherence with brand standards.

  1. Improve Agent Performance

Quality management insights gained from the screen recording can be used to provide training to the new agents and coach that already work in the company. It also helps when to locate the agent that has given an excellent performance in the contact center. Through this, you can quickly trace the related screen doings and make it accessible as a coaching resource. Moreover, this has the potential to extremely improve agent performance and call outcomes.

  1. Collect Data-Backed Insights

This tool also gives you full visibility into your agent-customer communications, which in terms of data is a priceless asset. With a mutual analysis of all phone calls and the associated screen activity, you can learn from individual conversations and collective trends mutually. In addition to this, many contact centers use online screen recorder from IObit. This  IObit Screen Recorder is very popular due to its various exceptional features. The features mainly include record HD videos with no watermark, unlimited recording time, record the Screen with Audio, and many more.

IObit Screen Recorder

  1. Find important interactions that matter a lot

Screen recording makes it possible to go back in time and replay a conversation effectively. Using advanced search and filtering features lets you comb various calls based on almost any data point quickly, including phrases, keywords, and metadata. For use in case studies, track down customer interactions, collect positive testimonials, place examples of successful troubleshooting, and more.

  1. Make Quality Management easy

It also helps in getting a powerful set of at-a-glance scorecards that can be used to recognize communication best practices. It also flags opportunities to reinforce your service principles moving onward.

 # Final Words

 A fully integrated contact center combines call recording as well as screen capture features with an instinctive agent dashboard to optimize the performance of the contact center. The contact centers must use the reliable tools, dedicated to cover all the possible aspects related to the screen recording. It will also let you convert the recording into various forms and is compatible with mainstream digital devices. Hence, we hope that through this post, you understand the importance of a screen recorder in the contact center and how it helps them to work efficiently.


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