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Home Design a 20s Era Feel

In the past few years, the 20s has become a very sought-after style in interior design. What’s not to love about the 20s. It was a time where people embraced the wild party culture. It was a time where the wealthy and famous held grand house parties and entertained people lavishly. The early 1920s was characterized by its economic prosperity, and the homes exemplified that. It is a time of glamour and is characterized by its picturesque, and grand home designs. If you are looking for a home design option, you should really think about using the 20s home designs.

Before you use the 20s design though, it is important that you know where to start. The 20s style is very detail-oriented, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it is very easy to get it wrong. Here are 7 tips for giving your home design a 20s era feel.

  1. Do Your Research on the Era

Before you use a 20s era style for your home design, you should do as much research as possible. Remember that the 20s were also known as the roaring 20s, so your style should totally encapsulate that. When you do research on the era, it is a good idea that you look at old pictures and design books. While there is some newer content that shows 20s era aesthetics, you should still take a look at the older content from the 20s. The 20s home design from old books is a great source of inspiration because they were the very first examples of the design being used. 

  • Utilize Scallop Print

One of the most iconic aspects of 20s era home design is the scallop print. The scallop print was a very popular print during the 20s. They were commonly used for a myriad of products such as dresses and curtains. If you want to utilize this kind of print, you should use them for larger surfaces such as wallpaper, furniture, and even vases. 

  • Use Geometric Designs

Yet another iconic 20s design you could make use of is the geometric design. If you take a look at old pictures of 20s style homes, geometric designs were quite popular. They were very versatile and were used to give accents to walls, floors, and furniture prints. They were used for rug designs as well. 

  • Iron Railings

If you are going to utilize railings on your staircases and verandas, it is a good idea to use iron railings. These types of railings were by far the most popular during the 20s. They were utilized to add a certain flair to the home design. The best thing about iron railings is that they are very durable and provide great support and safety features. There are a wide variety of iron rail designs that you could use. Due to its material, you should paint the rails regularly to avoid rust from developing on the railings.  You could also utilize various colors to make your railings more colorful.

  • Neon Lights

Although neon lights were used by interior designers throughout the decades,it was during the 20s that neon lights gained a great deal of popularity. Remember that a lot of establishments used neon lights to attract customers and create a certain ambiance. Neon lights back in the 20s were very expensive to make though. They were huge constructs that were not only expensive to build, but very hard to maintain. The old type of neon lights was somewhat fragile, and a small crack on the glass might stop it from working. Luckily there are now less costly alternatives. 

Companies such as Gindestar have been creating LED neon lights for years now. This neon light is made up of innovative technology that makes it easier to customize. They are a great deal more affordable because they are not made up of costly materials. Instead, they are made up of LED lights that could be cut up into specific shapes and lettering. By using Gindestar Led Neon, you could create a myriad 20s themed neon signs, that will both illuminate and beautify your home. 

  • Sunbursts Decorations

One of the most popular centerpieces used during the 20s era was sunburst designs. These types of ornaments were used to give a room a certain grandeur, and if used properly could really highlight all your other designs. There are many ways you could use the sunburst motifs in your home design. The most common use of sunburst motifs is for mirrors and windows. However, you could also use them as a covering for your lighting features. It is also a great motif for your paintings and prints for your curtains. 

  • Mosaic Tiles

If you are looking for a tile option for your floor, it is a good idea to utilize mosaic tiles. These tiles were very popular during the 20s, and they were used not only for the floor but for the walls as well. If you want your home design to look minimalist, it is best that you avoid using mosaic tiles because they are often multi-colored and bright. Remember that the 20s designs were very ostentatious. The best thing about using mosaic tiles is the huge array of styles that you could choose from. 


The 1920s were known as the roaring ’20s, and it was legendary for its ostentatious and very unique designs. It is also a very difficult design to get down pat because it is very detailed. If you are going to use the 20s style design, it is very important that you know how to utilize it as effectively as possible.  With these tips, you’ll be able to use the 20s home design efficiently.

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