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Do you always keep overdressed during winter, even when inside your home? It is because your Oakville windows and doors are allowing drafts. They make your house feel unnecessarily cold even when you have covered it with a high-quality rug. But should you continue with this hard lifestyle in your home? Not when there is something you can do and eliminate drafts completely in your home!

Drafts can contribute to crazy power bills that are unnecessary. If you have old doors or windows, they are likely to allow drafts. Here are 8 easy tips for fixing drafty Oakville windows and doors. Take a peek.

1. Apply Weatherstripping and Lock Your Windows

Locking your Oakville windows and doors is the primary thing for blocking drafts.

● Two locks are ideal for large windows to allow easier pulling of the sashes
● If using a double-hung window, ensure you pull down the top sash before locking. Add weatherstripping on the top edge.
● Before locking, ensure the sash is pushed tight upwards

2. Weatherproof Your Exterior Doors

Do not leave the gap around your door’s perimeter open. Instead, use weather strips on those spaces to block cold from flowing in and out.

3. Reglaze Loose Window Panes

Before the weather becomes unbearable, check whether your old windows and doors have missing or loose panes. Fix them by reglazing.

4. Use Physical Barriers

You can use fabric to make long tubes and then fill them with sand to make a door barrier. Alternatively, you can use door snakes to provide you with the barriers. Place them at the foot of your exterior doors for efficiency.

5. Layer Your Window Treatments

Use sheer curtains, blinds, and heavy curtains combined for dressing your windows. Ensure drapes are heavy enough.

When the weather is friendly, you can open the drapes and raise the blinds to allow sunshine to warm the house.
If you live in areas with frostbites, consider having most of your Oakville windows and doors fixed during winter and leave a few operational ones. However, check the building code in your area to see if they are allowed.

6. Fill the Gaps

Some gaps are big enough to dip a finger. Use suitable foam to fill them and trim the excess with scissors to avoid ugly finishes.

7. Apply Temporary Caulk

Caulk is available on a roll or in a tube. Use it to temporarily seal the cracks around your old windows and doors for the winter season.

8. Insulate Windows

Plastic films are ideal for insulating the windows. They are available in window insulation kits. Other insulation materials in this kit are plastic sheeting and double-sided tapes. A hairdryer can be used to help heat the plastic.
If replacing your old doors and windows seem expensive, and out of your current budget, these tips can help protect yourself from the extreme weather. Although they offer a temporary solution, they are worth the effort before getting ready for a major renovation.

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