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The winter is a time for warmth and snuggling under heavy blankets, even if you have adequate heat. Everyone in the family deserves a sense of comfort in the cold months, with shorter days and longer nights. While it is easy to think about your well-being, some parents may struggle with kids room interior design. Thankfully, you can use the same preparations in your kids’ rooms as you do on your own.

Pile On the Layers

When creating a warm and inviting space for your kids in the winter, an interior designer Santa Monica might tell you to think about layering. You want your children to be warm and cozy. Find thick quilts or use flannel bed sheets. Find materials for bedding that allow for options.

If you have thick sheets paired with a warm quilt, your child can pick the level of warmth they want during the night. On frigid nights, they can bundle up with both covers, but during unseasonably warmer days, the sheets may be enough.

Insulate the Windows

The next thing santa Barbara interior designers will suggest is insulating bedroom windows. There are at least two ways to do this: plastic sheeting or curtains. You can find many window insulation kits for the winter. Some may have magnetic strips for easy installation, while others are shrink-to-fit solutions requiring a heat gun or source. Most designers, however, will suggest using blackout curtains. These curtains are heavy-duty and do an excellent job of keeping the cold at bay.


Most winter preparations for your kids’ rooms are sealing windows and ensuring the cold does not enter the home. Therefore, it is vital to go beyond the cosmetic and assess the foundation. Check around your windows and trim. Do you see any gaps or places where caulking is cracking or separating from the wall? If so, remove the old caulk and replace it with new.

Purchase Slippers or Comfy Socks

Regardless of how much you insulate a room, the winter seems like an inevitable time for cold feet. To help keep your kids’ toes toasty, consider buying some fun slippers or comfy wool socks.

Find an Electric Blanket

For older children, who can use electronics responsibly, you may want to purchase an electric blanket. While most, if not all, electric blankets have safety shutoffs, younger children may run the risk of overheating. Heated blankets are an excellent portable solution for staying warm in the winter.

Use the Ceiling Fan

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans are useful all year. When turning in a clockwise direction, the fan pulls cold air up, creating an updraft that pushes the warm air down along the walls. However, it is unnecessary to use the fans at full speed; instead, set them at low and leave them alone.

Take the time during the autumn to set up your kids’ spaces. Make sure the area is well-insulated and that you supply all possible options for keeping warm. If you need help designing an adequate or entertaining space for your children, consider consulting a designer.

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