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In the present era, the demand of MBA is at peak as the number of companies are preferring MBA students who can help them in achieving the organizational goals in a more professional way. MBA degrees have grown more versatile in the past few years. Earlier, MBA students were preferred by the investment banks and consulting firms and now, they are getting recognition in other industries as well.

Now a professional with an MBA degree can explore a technical career as well. Today managing tech space needs professional thought, confidence, and the ability to stay ahead of your competitors in this highly competitive world. Doing an MBA allows individuals to make fast and impactful decisions for the businesses that need to move quickly in this dynamic business world.

In recent years, it has been observed that more engineering students who have taken exams like JEE Main are now heading management exams like CAT/MAT/XAT to gain admission in business school to do an MBA.

Doing MBA Play an Essential Role in the Tech Sector

Some of the jobs which are preferred by the MBAs in the technology sector consist of roles related to finance, operations, sales, strategy, or business development. The biggest segment is represented by product managers or product marketing managers can earn a good name and fame in the business world.

A number of companies have developed a customer-centric approach and are preparing strategies on building long-term relations with the clients, which in turn need MBAs in building a stronger bond with the clients and customers. This has created an emerging set of opportunities in data analytics, which is an important element of doing an MBA program.

MBA Teaches Important Business Aspects and Analytical Skills

The concepts which are taught to the students doing MBA will help you in becoming a more effective team player. An MBA student gets valuable knowledge of finance, accounting, strategy, and which help them in preparing for a new and challenging role ahead.

Also with the evolving digitalization, the IT sector is more concerned about working closely on business partners’ needs and learning about the company’s operational activities, will help them to accelerate their business and grow revenue.

The best IT people are change setters and the companies scout for such leaders with soft skills and business skills that can help their businesses to flourish. Besides, today many B-schools also provide additional technical skills to their MBA students. Many universities educate students about codes to MBAs, which in turn helps them to analyse difficult problems at the earliest and allow them to communicate clearly with their tech colleagues, and build Web applications.

MBA is an Essential Career Management Tool

Though doing an MBA is not a necessity for starting your career, getting an MBA degree would certainly impact the IT professional’s employment trajectory. While recruiting the employees for IT senior posts with an organisation, employers look for those candidates who have prior leadership experience and/or advanced business training.

An MBA student is not only considered as a technically-savvy candidate, but it also means hiring someone who has done an advanced degree. An IT student with an MBA has higher chances of getting a decent job within an organisation as compared to the ones who have just completed their graduation with technical skills.

Besides getting a prestigious job, an MBA student is also paid well by the companies. Many IT professionals use their MBA as a springboard into senior-level roles which pay them a high salary and offer higher income potential as well. Also, the companies pay a higher salary to the employees who have obtained graduate degrees and relevant professional certifications as compared who those who do not have a professional degree.

MBA students not only use their tech skills at the workplace, but they can also communicate well while dealing with ambiguity and taking informed risks, which were taught to them in B-school. Ability to ask questions and boldness to conduct experiments allows MBAs to get paid well by the businesses.

Networking Opportunities

Students who study MBA program have greater business networking opportunities as most of the universities allow their students to interact with professionals that have on-field experience. Furthermore, if you are doing an MBA on a part-time basis within your company, you can easily meet other employers through internships which boost your networking skills as well. By getting access to a wider business network, MBA students can strengthen their current careers and can grab better job opportunities, paying them well.

IT Companies Prefer MBA Students

IT companies prefer to hire MBAs who can prove to be an asset to the organisation. B-school graduates apply the concepts taught to them at the business school along with using their technical skills which they have learned while completing their graduation. MBA students have a vast knowledge of business and finance which deliver many advantages for the organisations. They work on building and implementing various strategies within the technology firms aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and grow the business.

MBA students use their expertise in product management, product marketing, corporate marketing and work together with finance, operations, supply chain and procurement, sales, and HR team to deliver the much-expected results. Microsoft, which is among the top five hirers of MBAs, relies upon them for revamping from an old-style IT organisation to a company that produces new-age devices like the Xbox.

Companies appoint MBA students who demonstrate the company leadership’s principles to create clarity, generate revenues and deliver success within a shorter period. Most of the B-schools around the world offer experiential learning opportunities to their students and course curriculum focuses on developing business communication skills, both oral and written among the students.

Many tech companies appoint MBAs who have wider knowledge in technology which they gained from their undergraduate studies like computer science, software, and engineering degrees among many other tech disciplines. UG students study hard to get admission into prestigious engineering colleges and universities.

Though MBA students are good in managerial skills, they also know what their organisation’s engineers are doing. For instance- most of the MBA students possess coding skills, which offer an added advantage to the company as they are specialised in product management and product marketing as well and can work closely with engineers who devise products. Having technological knowledge helps MBAs to understand the product development process in a better and enriched way.

Some of the largest companies in the world that appoint MBA graduates:

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Bain & Company
  • Citigroup
  • Facebook
  • JP Morgan
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Walt Disney among many others

Completing an MBA program offers students an understanding related to general management and functional business skills. When a student completes the MBA program post gaining technical expertise while doing UG course, he/she can bridge the gap between IT and the business community. An MBA student with knowledge of technology is considered as a boon for the businesses that look for dynamic professionals to grow their business. There are plenty of careers in the technology sector, which you can explore post completing your MBA degree. With your MBA qualification, you can set the new path in your professional career and can upgrade your skills and knowledge in order to keep up with the changing times.

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