Fri. May 10th, 2024
Protect Your Vegetable Garden from Critters

Growing vegetables in your garden is a fantastic idea! These days restaurants have started offering dishes that are made from their own vegetable garden. If you have a backyard or a garden in front of your house, growing vegetables could be helpful. This will help you save money because vegetables are getting expensive day by day!

Also, it saves fuel costs as you would not need to go buy vegetables from the market. The trouble with growing your own vegetables is that the critters/animals might attack the juicy tomatoes or the fruits in your garden. Let’s not forget the cute-looking bunnies who hop in your garden and attack all the leafy vegetables!

The question – How do you protect the vegetable garden from critters? We have the solution for you!

Identifying the Issue

 What type of animals are attacking the veggies in your garden? When it comes to quick damage, the bunnies, deer and even groundhog are trouble-makers. You need to find out who is causing damage to the wonderful veggies garden. If it is a rabbit, you will find cuts on the fruits as they have sharp teeth. You will also find tiny pellet droppings around the area.

If it was a deer, you can see their tracks in the garden soil. Put on your detective hat and identify the issue. Who is causing destruction?

Investing in a Critter Fence

Since you are tired of the little bunnies hopping around and birds stealing the fruits, it is about time that you should invest in a critter fence. There are critter fence kits available in the market and it is a one-time investment.

Fencing is the best solution for keeping the critters away from your garden. There is no doubt that growing vegetables requires a lot of effort and time. After seeing fruits and vegetables on the plant, your heart feels happy.

If you have fruits in the garden, use a plastic bird netting as soon as the fruit ripens. This will help in protecting the fruit! Birds will lose access to these delicious fruits.

No More Unwanted Visitors

Garden critter fences are efficient is keeping the unwanted visitors outside the boundary. There are times when you may give the bunnies and birds a small treat outside the fence. However, the critters attacking the vegetables is not acceptable.

If you want to protect your vegetable garden, invest in a critter fence today!

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