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It is not very easy to build social media traffic. You will need to have a strategic plan just like a city planner to know how efficiently and effectively you can get the traffic to your site and not to your competitors’.

There are different sources that the website visitors can use to reach to your website and if you can use your social media traffic for that matter then you will be better off getting a strong pillar to support web-way infrastructure.

However, it is tricky process to get more people to your site especially through social media engagement. Things can be even harder if you are on a limited budget and have already spent quite a lot on paid advertising. While the paid social ads can surely help you a lot to boost your website traffic, it is more helpful if you can get people to go to your site through your social media channels.

About social media

As you may already know that social media has an immense power to be your chief source of traffic to your website. Therefore, if you can make a larger presence on social media, you are sure to get steadier and a larger social media traffic to your site.

Now the question is how do you increase social media traffic? Typically, there are two simple ways to increase your social media traffic. These are:

  • When you engage more with your users and build more relationships on each social media network and
  • By being more readily available for the customers, potential buyers as well as the brand loyalists.

These are the most effective ways to build and nurture your customers and help them by providing better and more dynamic solutions to help them in their purchasing process.

  • When it comes to the different social media networks, each is different from the other having its own requirements. You will have to follow a few specific and steadfast rules of each of these social media platform to get an instant boost in your social traffic.
  • You will also have to remember that your content will play a very significant role in the process as it is the only element that will say everything about your business, your brand, your product and who you are.

Therefore, it is elementary that you will need to make sure that your blog posts, articles, case studies and infographics all go above and beyond. This will make your social sharing aspect better.

Use visuals to attract traffic

In order to get your social media traffic up and rolling you will need to follow a few specific steps and guidelines. These will help you to get more people to your social channels and eventually to your website.

One of the most effective ways to attract more traffic is to inspire and attract your audience with eye captivating visuals.

  • This will help you to make a better first impression and as it is said, first impressions are absolutely essential.
  • Visuals speak louder than words and often make it easier for the viewers to make a buying decision quickly.
  • According to the Adobe’s Q4 2013 Index it is known that social media posts that have images in it usually create 650% more engagement as compared to any plain and simple text posts.

This means that people want more visual content than texts as that helps them to make sure that the purchasing decisions they made are valid. When your customers will be able to see the product image or view the demo video it is said that they will be 85% more likely to make a purchasing decision instantly as compared to making it after reading a text review and take some time to think it over and confirm from other sources.

Using Instagram

What better platform you will get other than Instagram on social media to ensure this? You will simply have to master Instagram to get more real Instagram likes and make the best use of this platform on social media to drive more traffic to your website using proper and appealing visuals.

With more than 80 million photos and videos shared every day, Instagram no doubt is the best platform to gain more traffic but it will also pose a lot of competition as well. However, if you make sure that you create beautiful and more engaging content on Instagram your business will surely see the difference.

  • According to data from Instagram, brands using this platform experience 4.21% engagement which is the highest level as compared to other social media networks.
  • It is also found that nearly three-fourths of Instagram likes and comments are made within two days after the upload of a post.

These facts and figures show that Instagram has a very high impact on the marketing strategies of the brands using this platform.

Creating best visuals

In order to provide awesome visuals to your customers you will need to create visuals for Instagram that will stand out from the others in the similar type of business as yours as well as speak volumes about you and your product. Your images should tell a clear and compelling story so that you can establish an instant connection and raise the level of engagement with your users to drive them towards your site.

In short, your visuals should entice people to visit your site and provide you with a better chance to raise the rate of conversion of traffic to prospective clients. Therefore, you will need to make sure that your visuals on the social media include all of these following features such as:

  • Vibrant colors
  • A well-designed layout
  • High quality and level of photography
  • Have a proper and relevant story
  • Shows the products or services in a new light
  • Is well planned and
  • Is consistently on point.

This will ensure that the visuals that you post on your Instagram are compelling and appealing. Also make sure that all the visuals are tagged well with proper and relevant hashtags and your account has a profile bio with a relevant URL to drive traffic to your site.

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